About projekt36

After several years of experience gained abroad, I got an interesting position as a project manager in a multinational company involved in prototype production. This experience opened my eyes and I decided to start my own bussines. In 2018, I set up a project36 and I would like to focus mainly on manufacturing services that I know very well.

I’m happy to take over the troubles for you and deliver the finished project at the right time. Thanks to my rich experience, I have interesting contacts that I can use. I am not burdened with absurd paperwork and filling in the tables, but I also know very well what the quality system is and how important it is to communicate. I am open to challenges and from prototype production that is specific, I am used to solving the problems in an effective and result-oriented way.

Who am I?
Husband of great woman, father of beautiful daughter, friend and sportman.

I will look forward to working together.

Vít Charvát