Welcome to projekt36 page,

I would like to offer my services to everybody who’s looking for good and quality partnership in the bussines. Thanks to rich contacts, I can provide services tailored to the required quality and deadlines for you. I will take full responsibility for the project and make sure that project will be finished with good result and your satisfaction.

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3D scan:
I offer scanning of your product to the 3D files. Easily I can help you for example with renovation of mirrored car part which you miss for your historical car.

Drawing documentation:
Would you like to move your idea to the paper? I can help you to get quality background for your project in well prepared drawing documentation.

3D print:
I offer small functional parts or visual parts from fillamentum materials. I have available two RepRap 3D printers for your projects.

NC machining
According your documentation I offer machining on 3 and 4 axis CNC machines. For aluminium I can also offer anodization.

Pad (tampon) print:
Would you like to get your company logo to your pen or USB stick? I offer pad print for nearly all surfaces. I am focused for difficult prints of controls for machines or different indicators of plastic parts.

Screen printing:
I can provide print for textile as t-shirts, jackets or even umbrellas. I have available also rotation screen print for ceramics, glass, metal, plastic etc…

Chrome effect by sputtered aluminium for your plastic parts. I can offer also colored chrome effect.


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